Niinja NSN Search

a WebFLIS alternative

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33,418 companies added recently

Approved companies are added every month. Make sure your information is correct and check your competitors.

24,735 stock numbers added recently

Stock numbers are added and deleted monthly. Keep current as new parts come available and existing parts are reassigned.

WebFLIS has been shutdown.

Transition from WebFLIS to Niinja. Limited time: Military users get 50% off with your .mil e-mail address. Thank you for your service.

WebFLIS, NSN CAGE supplier map

Search faster than WebFLIS.

Simply type a NIIN, NSN, FSC, Item Name, Part Number, Company Name, CAGE Code, Location, or Characteristic into a single search box. Niinja will prioritize and map your results.

Review historical NSN data.

Chart the past 12 months of NSN data regularly updated by the Defense Logistics Agency. WebFLIS only supported the current month.

WebFLIS data and price tracking
WebFLIS context help and NSN logistics codes

Context help where you need it.

Tooltips show up right on top of data to make WebFLIS data easy to adopt and understand. Hover over a field you are unfamiliar with to reveal its context help.