Niinja and WebFLIS in the news

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CHICAGO, June 9, 2015 /PRNewswire/ -- Federal government suppliers have to make changes with the shutdown of public access to DLA's WebFLIS on June 15, 2015. WebFLIS climbed in popularity after DLA announced the June 15 transition plans and is currently the #1 most popular dataset on What's so important about this data? It provides essential information about U.S. federal government stock items. Continue reading

Military Supply Data Search Tool Uses Mongodb

Niinja search engine from startup Vital Axiom taps into MongoDB to simplify searches of vast catalogue of products and parts purchased by the government. The Department of Defense purchases nearly 7 million types of products and does business with 2.7 million supplier companies, according to government records. Knowing what products and parts are stocked in DoD warehouses worldwide is not only a challenge for military logistics personnel, but also for suppliers who need information on products the DoD keeps in stock. Continue reading

Niinja search engine keeps DoD's data public as DLA announces WebFLIS shutdown

CHICAGO, Jan. 23, 2014 /PRNewswire/ -- Change is coming to the defense logistics industry with the planned shutdown of public WebFLIS in June 2014. WebFLIS, the online interface for the Federal Logistics Information System (FLIS), provides essential information about supply items stocked by the U.S. Defense Department. Access to FLIS data is critical for contractors to keep their products in compliance with the government's requirements. A FLIS search engine called Niinja, created by Chicago-based company Vital Axiom, provides public access to military stock data faster and better than WebFLIS. Continue reading New fast powerful search engine for military spending data

CHICAGO, Dec. 4, 2013 /PRNewswire/ -- What does the U.S. Department of Defense spend money on? Niinja has the answer. Niinja, the new B2G marketing research tool for products purchased by the DoD, launches on December 4, 2013 at Niinja will assist current and prospective government suppliers by answering the following questions: Which agency or military branch uses products like this? Which competitors provide similar products? Where are they located? What is the selling price? With 6.8 million items stocked by the Defense Department and 2.6 million supplier companies in the database, Niinja facilitates public transparency of military cataloging data to promote competition in the federal logistics market, specifically encouraging small business participation. Continue reading